Our Staff

Please contact the following individuals for information on our services.

Chakakhan Abston- Human Resources Manager
Denise Clark – Executive/Development Assistant
Lisa DeJaco Crutcher- Chief Executive Officer
Dave Jewell- Facilities Manager, (502) 873-2566 ext. 106
Ron Kelly- Maintenance Supervisor
Pat Mansfield – Receptionist
Bart Weigel- Director of Operations

Michelle Diallo – Project/Grant Accountant, ext. 220
Chris Hovan – Director of Finance, ext. 115
Terri Jarett – Accounting Specialist, ext. 222
Tek Rizal – Accounts Payable/Receivable, ext. 134
Smith Rodes – Project/Grant Accountant, ext. 218

Becky Brenzel – Grants Administrative Assistant, ext. 257
Katina Cummings – Refugee Health Promotion Coordinator, ext 253
Allyson Ferry – Refugee Community Empowerment Coordinator, ext 255
Rebecca Ford – State Refuge Health Coordinator, ext 116
Becky Jordan – State Refugee Coordinator, ext. 250
Maria Koerner – Assistant Director of Kentucky Office for Refugees, ext. 254
Mary Senn – Wilson Fish Data Entry Operator, ext. 251
Rylan Truman – Grants Manager for Special Programs, ext. 259
Cielina Wallen – Grant Accountant

Mark Bouchard- Parish Engagement Coordinator
Lucio Caruso- Director of Mission Integration
Chris Martini- Communication & Events Coordinator
Janet Millen – Volunteer & Community Outreach Coordinator
Elisabeth Walker- Director of Agency Advancement

Programs & Services

Peggy McCarty – Intake & Referral, 2235 West Market St., (502) 873-2566, ext. 109
Darko Mihaylovich- Director of Programs, 2911 South Fourth St., (502) 637-9786, ext. 108

  • Shalah Bottoms – Case Manager,  Mother-Infant Care/Adoption
    Julie Cole- Childcare Worker
    Cathy Palmer-Ball – Case Manager / Team Leader/ Mother Infant Care
    Melanie Massie Bishop – Case Manager, Adoption
  • Rachel Brunner – Urban Agriculture Tech & Outreach
    Chef Hank Levitt – Culinary Instructor
    Laura Stevens – Program Coordinator, ext.256
    Rachel Wallace – Common Table Program Coordinator
  • Zoila Davis – Office Manager
    Erin Gardtner- Accredited Representative
    Kathy Howe-Kerr -Accredited Representative
    Mary Leonard – Part-time Office Manager
    Sister Anne Mary Lochner, OSU- Volunteer
    Jonathan Ruckman – Immigration Attorney
    Rebecca Sim – Director, Immigration Legal Services
    Becca Taylor – Legal Assistant
  • Aida Adams- Director
    Amina Ahmed – Language Services Representative
    Alisa Pifine – Language Services Business Development
  • Beverly Broadus – Long-term Care Ombudsman Associate
    Natalie Brown-Radtke – Director Long-Term Care Ombudsman
    Mary Kay Flege – Long-term Care Ombudsman Associate

    Jessica Robertson – Long-Term Care Ombudsman Associate
    Essie Reilly – Long-term Care Ombudsman Associate/Volunteer Coordinator
  • Susan Allgeier – Receptionist
    Becky Burnside – Employment Services/Benefits  Manager
    Shelley Dewig- Capacity & Outreach Coordinator
    Michael Ellery- Delivery/Pickup/Setup Transporter
    Lori Feris – Support Service Manager
    Nina Flores – Caseworker
    Wilmar Garcia- Case Manager
    Ahmed Hussein- Employment Lead
    Fadumo Hussein – Client Benefits Coordinator
    Oma Kafley – Employment Specialist
    Mohamed Kerow- Lead Caseworker
    Heather Molina – Mental Health Coordinator
    Hassan Muya – Caseworker
    Tung Nguyen – Match Grant & Housing Coordinator
    Siddeq Samadi – Youth Employment Specialist
    Than Sein – Caseworker
    Becca Taylor- Employment Specialist
    Colin Triplett – Director of Migration & Refugee Services
    English Language School – 2234 West Market St.  (502)772-0902
    Rewati Dhakal- Childcare Worker
    Aida Drazic – Administrative Assistant
    Virginie Kalwaye – Childcare worker
    Alix Davidson Keller – Refugee Youth Services Coordinator
    Luzon Pivi – Refugee Youth Mentoring Program Coordinator
    Zeljana Javorek – ESL Manager
  • Cheri Hall – Volunteer Program Coordinator, ext. 202
  • Marissa Castellanos – Manager, Human Trafficking, ext. 108
    Robyn Diez d Aux – Advocate, Catholic Charities of Lexington
    Julie Horen-Easley – Project Coordinator
    Amy Nace-DeGonda – Case Manager, Human Trafficking, ext. 208
    Lisa Ramstetter – Advocate, Catholic Charities of Covington
    Jami Wilson – Case Manager, ext. 135
  • Peggy McCarty – Intake & Referrals, (502) 873-2566 ext.109
  • [EXPAND Sister Visitor Center 2235 W Market St. (502)776-0155]
    LeeAnna Carter – Case Manager
    Sr. Michele Intravia OSU – Manager of Operations
    Lizabeth Mays-Baker – Intake & Admin Support
    Sr. Maureen O’Neill OSU – Case Manager [/EXPAND]