Disaster Response

Catholic Charities of Louisville’s Disaster Response is working to rebuild lives.

The Disaster Response Effort originated because of a need for a centralized Catholic organization to collect, manage and distribute money collected to support the victims of disasters from the Archdiocese of Louisville Community. Catholic Charities of Louisville works in collaboration with Catholic Charities of Covington and Catholic Charities of Lexington to established a statewide standard in the approach to disasters.

There are 2 stages of disaster response: First, immediate recovery efforts focus on finding survivors, stabilizing buildings, and removing debris. Second is long-term recovery and case management. The Kentucky statewide Catholic Charities Disaster Response focuses on this second stage of long-term recovery and case management.

Please see below to learn about how Catholic Charities of Louisville responded to the March 2012 tornadoes which affected KY and Southern IN:


August 15, 2012:

Catholic Charities providing long-term help




July 26, 2012:

Donations to Catholic Charities are helping people rebuild




May 16, 2012:

More Than $240,000 Collected for Tornado Victims