Material Donations


**Due to our warehouse being at capacity Catholic Charities is suspending in-kind donations, with the exception of the following items**

– Pots & Pans

– Shower Curtains

– Twin & Full Size Sheet Sets

– School Supplies

– Hygiene Items

We are happy that you are interested in supporting our mission of Catholic Charities. There are a variety of ways to make a significant gift and touch the lives of others.

Household Items and Clothing

Catholic Charities accepts material goods such as furniture, clothing, household items, children and baby items.  Items are not sold, but provided directly to our clients. Arrangements can be made to pick up large furniture items from your home or smaller items can be dropped off Monday-Friday by appointment only at our St. Anthony location, 2220 West Market St.  Please call (502)636-9263 to schedule a drop off time.

Material Donation Guidelines:

To make the best use of our resources, Catholic Charities has specific guidelines for collecting donations from your home. Please review the guidelines outlined below:

  • We reserve our truck for collecting furniture and appliances.  However, if you have furniture and other items such as house wares or linens, we will collect those at the same time.  Donations that do not include furniture, such as clothing, can be dropped off at our Distribution Center located at 2220 West Market St., Monday through Friday by appointment.  Please notify us at 502-636-9263 that you would like to drop items off and we will schedule someone to be available.
  • Our truck drivers are on a tight schedule. To help our drivers stay on time and for their safety, please have items to be picked up on the ground level of your home or in an accessible space such as a garage or porch.
  • Routes are planned to ensure there is enough space to collect all items for that day.  To make sure there is enough room on the truck, our drivers are instructed to take only the items indicated when you arranged pick-up.  If you have additional items after you scheduled your appointment, please call 502-636-9263 to see if we may be able to accommodate them.
  • As stated above, we do not sell donated items.  They are provided directly to individuals and families in need.  In keeping with our mission of acknowledging and respecting the dignity within all of us, we ask that items to be provided to our clients are clean and in good condition. Appliances/electronics should be in working order.  Please bag clothing and house wares or place in boxes.
  • Our truck drivers reserve the right to decline items which do not meet the above criteria.

For more information or to schedule a pick-up, please contact our donation office at 502-636-9263

  • Click here for a more detailed list of items needed to support our Refugee clients.