Hiring Refugees

Each year, Catholic Charities Employment Services matches approximately 500 refugees with employers in jobs based on their skill level and the employers’ needs. The job developers assess the needs of the employer and match them with applicants of the same skill set in order to create a perfect fit. We assist the applicants and employers throughout the hiring process with any necessary interpretation or assistance with paperwork, all without any cost to the employer. Our clients have obtained jobs in city government, the public school system, factories, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and many other places of employment.

In order to prepare our clients for the workplace, the employment services team, as a supplement to thier English language and cultural training, gives conferences on a variety of topics pertaining to workplace culture. We invite businesses to come and speak about the employment process, how to search for jobs, workplace rules and regulations, job safety, cultural awareness, employee rigfhts, and other topics. If you would be interested in participating in one of our work orientations, please let us know by calling us at (502) 636-9263.

Interested in hiring refugees?

There are many reasons why employers should use our services.

  • All services are provided to the client and employer FREE OF CHARGE
  • All applicants are pre-screened to match skills to the open position
  • We have multilingual staff to assist employers with their needs
  • All applicants are authorized to work in the United States
  • Our clients contribute to a more diverse workplace
  • Refugees have a strong desire to succeed and have proved to be dedicated and loyal employees
  • Tax benefits for your company throught the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program
  • We have a ready pool of applicants with a variety of skills and experience

Services we provide:

  • Assistance with the application process, including transportation and interpreters when necessary
  • Support services post-hire
  • Pre-screening the applicants for you
  • Mediation between employer and employee
  • Career advising
  • Work culture instruction

Frequently Asked Questions:

An individual who has left his or her native country and is unwilling or unable to return to it because of persecution or fear of death because of race, religion, or political opinions.

Yes, even before their arrival, a refugee has “refugee status” which indicates that they have entered the country legally, and have received security clearance from the FBI. For purpose of employment, our clients have the I-94 and social security card to satisfy the requirements of the I-9 form.

Call Catholic Charities at (502) 636-9263 and ask for the employment service coordinator. Your employment needs will be assessed and job candidates with appropriate qualifications will be matched for your specific request. A site visit may be requested to give us better understanding of your industry and particular needs. An interview will be arranged at your convenience, and a staff member along with an interpreter will accompany our client to the interview. Remember! We never charge a fee!


“We now employ 15 people who have come to us from Kosovo, Iraq, Cuba, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Russia. They have been successful in the integration into the Louisville workforce and several have advanaced to supervisory roles.” Ralph Rice, General Manager, Luvata Electrofin

“Your organization was very responsive to both the needs of our organization and the needs of the client.” Angela A. Basil, Human Resources Manager, Custom Quality Services

“We are very grateful to Catholic charities for their help in acquiring four of the best employees I’ve had the honor to work with.” Bonnie Ewing, Executive Housekeeper, Jameson Inn

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