Global, local church aim to provide ‘hope’

By Ruby Thomas, Record Staff Writer

A group of close to three dozen, including Archdiocese of Louisville priests and individuals who serve in various ministries, heard that the challenges of the local and global church are many, but with solidarity, the church can keep providing hope.

The group — led by  Mark Bouchard of Catholic Charities of Louisville  — met Nov. 15 at the Common Table Cafe for a discussion about “Parish Global Solidarity” — an initiative to bring education and awareness of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to the Archdiocese of Louisville. 

CRS is the international humanitarian organization sponsored by the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

During the Nov. 15 discussion, Bouchard asked participants to imagine they were in a helicopter looking down on everything that’s happening in the world.

“What color would you (use to) describe the world?” he asked.

Some envisioned green and blue, which they said meant healing and hope. Others said they would see red, depicting anger and armed conflict; gray, which stands for hungry children; and black, which depicts the “darkness threatening to cover” everything.

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