Travel ban has agency on ‘roller coaster’

By Ruby Thomas, Record Staff Writer
The Supreme Court of the United States decided June 26 to allow parts of President Donald Trump’s travel ban to be enforced, adding more uncertainty to an already murky future for refugee resettlement agencies in the United States.

Catholic Charities of Louisville staff said the current climate in refugee resettlement feels like a “roller coaster” ride.

Lisa DeJaco Crutcher, Catholic Charities’ newly appointed chief executive officer, said the Supreme Court’s decision “makes worse all the uncertainties” already created by the travel ban. “At least the court clearly said that refugee resettlement of individuals who have family ties to the U.S. must continue,” she said during a phone interview June 27. “We anticipate we will continue to see arrivals.”

In a statement DeJaco Crutcher sent to Catholic Charities staff, June 27, she noted that “69 percent of all 2017 arrivals to date have U.S. ties.” That number “swells to 80 percent when considering our Congolese arrivals,” the statement went on to say.

Refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo form the largest group the agency currently serves, said DeJaco Crutcher, adding, “We’ll continue to do the best work we can.”


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