ESL School Programs

Catholic Charities MRS provides ELT training to the refugees it resettles in the Louisville area. English language training (ELT) is an essential support service that helps refugees to achieve self-sufficiency, both in the workplace and in everyday life through a comprehensive program and curriculum that focuses on teaching work skills with life skills components. ELT classes are offered in partnership with Jefferson County Public School Adult Education (JCPS).There are six English level classes in which students are placed based on their assessment test score

Cultural orientation classes provide clients with additional information and resources to help them gain the knowledge and skills in order to gradually adapt to a new culture and society

Women’s/ Family Empowerment class is designed to educate women and their families and empowers them with the skills and confidence necessary to get a job, create a healthy lifestyle, and regain a new home for themselves and their children. This education program will help families better understand the many challenges they will face during resettlement in the areas of role reversal, gender issues, and household functioning.

The participants in the class get the opportunity to learn new skills, express their creativity, learn new vocabulary and practice their English skills through conversation in a social and skill building environment. The class provides the women with an opportunity to gain the skills they can eventually use to generate some income and help their families. The class is taught by a volunteer teacher and relies on supplies and fabric donations. Special thanks to Suzanne Klemenz, our dedicated volunteer teacher for making this sewing project possible.

Computer classes are offered weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. From using basic office programs to utilizing Internet resources, the computer program exists to help refugees learn computer skills they will need to obtain employment and navigate life in the U.S.

The children’s program is an additional service offered to parents of children from birth to 16 years old who attend regular English Language Training Program. Three classrooms are provided for services; babies, toddlers and school age children classrooms. School age children attend this program while waiting for JCPS enrollment and also during school breaks. The children are engaged in English language training, arts and crafts activities, playtime, and field trips. The program helps children to prepare for school or a day care, develop better socializing skills and reduce separation anxiety from their parents.

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