Language Services


Today in the United States organizations are facing challenges of identifying and meeting the needs of a constantly growing diverse population. At times, an effective communication with their clients and/or employees is not possible due to linguistic and cultural barriers.

Our mission is to empower organizations, and our community at large with resources necessary in order to facilitate the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) population in their effort to get equal access to public service.

In order to help our community catch the rhythm of the multicultural and multilingual heartbeat of the United States, we provide a variety of services available to both LEPs and organizations that serve them. Some areas in which we provide linguistic services are medical, legal, professional, and educational settings.

Communication is the very essence for any type of goods or service an organization is offering. Relative to the complexity, or sensitivity of a given situation where communication is breaking down due to lthe linguistic and culturalĀ barriers, different tools and venues can be used to communicate a message to a LEP person.


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