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A: It is the best that you request an interpreter as soon as you became aware of your need for one. Generally, more time there is, better the chances to get an interpreter. However, many times in the past we have been able to provide an interpreter even on a very short notice. If your appointment is within 24 hours or your request, we would strongly advise that you call our office rather than use our on-line scheduling system.

A. If you have requested one through our on-line scheduling system, and have entered your email address in the space provided, you will receive an automated email notification after the request has been filled/an interpreter assigned. Also, you can login into the system and see, which appointments are filled, and which are not (unfilled). If you have called our office with an urgent request, we will notify you in a timely matter about the status of that appointment.

A: If you access our on-line scheduling system, you can find the order form for that appointment, and enter any comment you wish to provide for that interpreter. This way we can have a very fast and accurate feedback from you.

A: No problem. Again, access our on-line scheduling system and open the order form for that appointment. Check the VOID box and click UPDATE button. You will not be able to do this if you are trying to cancel an appointment that should take place within 24 hours. In such case you will need to call our office, and we will do it for you.

A: Yes. Confidentiality is one of several codes of ethics which are interpreters and translators follow. However, if you wish, you can ask them to sign your internal confidentiality form.

A: If you have a legal document (birth certificate, diploma, etc.) we need to see the original document, and make a copy of it in order to translate it. We do not keep the original, and we suggest that you do not mail it to us. If you need a business letter, or some other correspondence or a statement translated, you can also fax or e-mail those to us. Upon receipt, we will give you a free quote for the translation of the document.

A: It is hard to set the fixed price per page, or per word for translation of documents. Different documents require different amounts of effort and time for the work. The final cost will be determined according to several factors. Some of those factors are amount of the text, technicality of the vocabulary used, and language to, or from which the translation needs to be done. Please contact our office and provide your document for a free quote.

A: Whether you purchase translation software, or find a free translation tools on-line, you have to understand that such translation will be highly inaccurate, not meaningful and even ridiculous in many cases. Even though such software are much better nowadays than they were in the past, they are set to choose a most-commonly-used term for each word and do not take into consideration the context of the message and syntax differences. No software can replace the creativity, judgment, and flexibility of the human mind. Such translations are done verbatim (word-for-word) and generally have little linguistic value for the meaning that was presented in the original document.

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