Contrary to translation, which deals with a written message, Interpreting deals with a spoken message.

While some communication can be done in a form of letters, brochures, or financial statements translated in foreign languages, some situations would call for a spoken message, and the use of an interpreter. This is due partially to the influx of new languages being introduced constantly to our communities. Also, it is partially due to the sensitivity and complexity of certain situations where written message is no longer appropriate. Some examples would include a situation where a mother is giving a birth to a child, where an officer is “reading” Miranda Rights to a person being taken into custody, where a company is terminating an employee, or where a person is being examined or otherwise questioned.

We offer different kinds of interpreting services. Please click here or on the links below to learn more about each type.

Language screening and assessment are used to ensure the level of interpreter’s proficiency in all languages he or she speaks is to our standards. Fluency, and a rich vocabulary in both languages are necessary. We give a special attention to their communication and interpersonal skills too.

All our interpreters are bound to adhere to the following Code of Ethics

–         Confidentiality

–         Accuracy and Completeness

–         Professional Demeanor

–         Impartiality

–         Professional Development

Ongoing quality control includes monitoring, and continuing education. Our program is designed to prevent troubling issues rather than just react to them.

Our experience in providing interpreters in health care, government settings, and legal proceedings assures that your clients, employees, or customers will receive the highest quality, and one of the most trusted services available in our area.

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