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“As you know, there has been discussion of “zeroing out” refugee resettlement programs in the United States, which would end the good work that our country has done in welcoming and settling people who are fleeing violence and persecution. In addition, there is a great deal of misunderstanding about immigration and border security. While we continue to advocate and pray for comprehensive immigration reform, we must call our elected officials to live up to the ideals of this nation in welcoming and treating humanely those vulnerable persons fleeing violence, persecution, and economic instability in their counties of origin.

To this end, Catholic Charities of Lexington, Louisville, and Owensboro have prepared materials for you to share with parishioners. These include, 1) a flyer to be distributed to parishioners that includes factual information addressing myths about immigration, refugees, deportation, and border security and 2) a postcard calling upon our elected officials to reflect our values and treat immigrants with dignity and respect. Also provided with this email is a suggested bulletin blurb.” -Archbishop Joseph Kurtz

For the Archbishop’s full letter and the corresponding materials, please download the packet below:

Advocacy Packet

Messaging for your Congressional leaders regarding the southern border

If you are interested in contacting your Congressperson, please use the following contact information and template:

Congressman John Yarmuth
Romano Mazzoli Federal Building
600 Martin Luther King, Jr. Place, Suite 216
Louisville, KY 40202
502 588-2008

Senator Mitch McConnell
601 W Broadway # 630
Louisville, KY 40202
502 582-6304

Senator Rand Paul
600 Dr. Martin L King Pl #1072
Louisville, KY 40202
202 224-4343


I am writing to express my grave concern for the well-being of immigrants and their treatment at the border. These atrocities are not who we should be as a nation. I urge you to make immediate, positive changes to the treatment of our immigrant brothers and sisters, so they may be treated with human dignity at the border.

Please see fit to make immediate, positive changes in how our immigrant brothers and sisters may be treated with human dignity at the border.


As Catholics we are called upon to give a voice to the voiceless and speak out for the rights of all who are vulnerable. Guided by this principle, Catholic Charities of Louisville is committed to advocating for justice in social structures.

The agency’s advocacy work operates out of the Mission Advancement Office. CCL carries out the advocacy agendas of United States Conference Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Catholic Conference of Kentucky (CCK), Catholic Charities USA  (CCUSA) & Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

First Responder Advocacy Call Group

Contact Deacon Lucio Caruso at lcaruso@archlou.org or Mark Bouchard at mbouchard@archlou.org for more information.

Responder Advocates are strong supporters of CCUSA, CRS, and USCCB, who have a special interest in the Church’s domestic and international social justice public policy work. Responders commit their time to support CCUSA, USCCB, and CRS advocacy efforts and are represented by key members of Congress.

Responders are ready, willing, and able volunteers who will commit to make the phone calls, write the personalized emails and establish the in-person relationships with key members of Congress throughout the year.

a. Send a personalized email message to lawmakers (no more than 2x per month)

b. Make a phone call to lawmakers (text to call—no more than 2x per month)

c. Organize/lead and/or participate in district visits to lawmakers (twice per year)

Responders will receive from above mentioned organizations:

  • Regular, personalized updates on legislation and policy initiatives as needed
  • Personalized talking points and leave behind documents for in person visits
  • Invitation to special Washington, DC fly in days and other training opportunities
  • Special Go-to-Advocates swag items such as a t-shirt, backpack, pens, notepads and folders
  • CCGP Website to Log Visits: https://www.confrontglobalpoverty.org/act/toolkit/district-visit-form/
  • Planning and participation in the annual Catholics at the Capitol Program
  • Planning 2 presentations per year for public consumption, regarding Faithful Citizenship
  • Promoting / supporting  Voter Registration initiatives