How do you want to be treated?

“As you know, there has been discussion of “zeroing out” refugee resettlement programs in the United States, which would end the good work that our country has done in welcoming and settling people who are fleeing violence and persecution. In addition, there is a great deal of misunderstanding about immigration and border security. While we continue to advocate and pray for comprehensive immigration reform, we must call our elected officials to live up to the ideals of this nation in welcoming and treating humanely those vulnerable persons fleeing violence, persecution, and economic instability in their counties of origin.

To this end, Catholic Charities of Lexington, Louisville, and Owensboro have prepared materials for you to share with parishioners. These include, 1) a flyer to be distributed to parishioners that includes factual information addressing myths about immigration, refugees, deportation, and border security and 2) a postcard calling upon our elected officials to reflect our values and treat immigrants with dignity and respect. Also provided with this email is a suggested bulletin blurb.” -Archbishop Joseph Kurtz

For the Archbishop’s full letter and the corresponding materials, please download the packet below:

Advocacy Packet