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Welcome! You have reached the KIPDA District (Kentuckiana Planning and Development Agency) Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, located at…

Catholic Charities Louisville
2911 South 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40208
502-637-9786 or
24 Hour Answering Service -1-800-854-3233

The Long-term Care Ombudsman Program is a NO COST service for the community.

Catholic Charities holds the KIPDA contract to administer the Ombudsman Program. We serve residents in long-term care facilities and their families in Bullitt, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble Counties in Kentucky.

The Ombudsman Program was created in 1972 as a Public Health Service demonstration program to meet the needs of residents facing problems in nursing homes. In 1978, Congress amended the Older Americans Act to include a requirement that each state develop a Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program. The Ombudsman Program addresses complaints and advocates for improvements in the long-term care system. Ombudsman responsibilities outlined in the Older American Act include:

  • Identify, investigate, and resolve complaints made by or on behalf of residents;
  • Provide information to residents about their rights;
  • Educate and inform consumers and the general public regarding issues and concerns related to institutional long-term care;
  • Promote the development of citizen organizations and volunteers to participate in the program;
  • Advocate for changes to improve residents’ quality of life and care.

The word Ombudsman comes from a word used in Sweden in the 17th and 18th centuries meaning “King’s Man”. Webster’s Dictionary defines the word as a “public official appointed to investigate citizens’ complaints against local or national government agencies that may be infringing on the rights of individuals”. The word ombudsman generally refers to an advocate for the interest of the common people or the general public.

Making a decision to move into a nursing home or other long-term care facility is a new experience for most people. We can provide information that will help you know what questions to ask and how to evaluate the answers when talking to nursing homes about placement. We can also help you locate available information on facilities. Also, comparative information on nursing home can be accessed at the following website: www.medicare.gov

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