Say thank you to a co-worker!

Although we are not working in the same space, let’s not forget to say thank you to each other! Here is a fast way to say thank you to a coworker. STARS will then be emailed to you as the March STARS were. We will do it this way until we return to the office. Boost someone up this month!


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Trauma-Informed Trainings

In order to further address inequities in serving refugee families and English language learners, KOR has purchased this training to specifically provide trauma-informed training for social service providers, professional mental health practitioners and allied health professionals in Kentucky. It is appropriate for community service agencies of all specialties and client demographics.
This training is 3 modules with approximately 15 hours of self-directed online learning through webinars, and CEUs are […]

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Network Security – The Game Has Changed

Network Security – The Game Has Changed


Some of you may be aware, but we were almost victims of considerable online fraud two weeks ago.  While we all know to ignore the Nigerian Prince wanting to give you millions of dollars, it is not like the typical phishing scams we receive.  This was no request from a spoofed email account or a phony message baiting you to a counterfeit website.

A request was sent to the finance department to pay an invoice.  […]

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Bridging the Gap Training

This course is designed to train bilingual individuals in becoming successful and professional interpreters in health care. You will be taught the role interpreters play, the ethics they must uphold, and the techniques used in facilitating the communication between the patient-provider. In addition, medical terminologies will be reviewed and taught.

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